We are Ninja Web Design. We hide among the internet between the infinite lines of code and have mastered the secret arts of building customer facing websites.

Having spent thousands of hours of training and completing hundreds of secret missions, we have finally decided to reveal ourselves to the world. As mercenaries for hire we will work together with websites owners, and utilizing the most effective methods, we will assist in the carving and establishment of their online territory. Just like our Japanese ancestors.

EVERYWHERE! Since the internet is in almost every home, office, business, airport, coffee shop and phone, then so are we.

Now. Web Ninja are always alert and ready, waiting patiently in the shadows to be summoned at a moment's notice.

Money. Yeah, that's right. We won't lie. Glory? Honor? Courage? Fame? Ninja need none of these. Sharp wit, strong body, firm mind and payment for a job well done is all that we require.

Since ancient days it's been known that the best quality goods are those that are made through sweat, blood, tears and your own two hands. Following this ideal we ensure that everything we do is done by our deft hands and nimble fingers. In other words we write our own code. If we were to use something that someone else made, you can be sure that we've practically rewritten the entire thing to ensure that it works the way our employer needs it to.

We are Web Ninja. No matter what it is, we will ensure that the mission is carried out successfully. Even if one of our own die, another will rise up to complete his mission. That is our way of the Ninja.