What good is having access to a clan of Web Ninja if they can't do it all? None.

Ninja Web Design does a lot of stuff. If you want it, we can make it happen.

Why it's Awesome:

Ninja Web Design shall turn your website into a Web Dojo. It will train your products to hit harder, faster and to more efficiently carry out orders. You will be personally trained by a Web Ninja on how to coordinate your site, products and pages. Web Dojo literally means Online Place of Way. Have your website become your place where you make your way.

How it works:

Web Dojo is a place you can log into where you can manage your website. The login is so simple that it almost looks like crap (hey, we said almost).
(Jargon Warning!) Web Dojo is a full package e-commerce website with a back-end intuitive content management system that allows the site owner to change, edit and update the content and products on the website.

You can create categories to organize your products. Creating/Adding products is simple and takes no time at all. Organizing products is as simple as selecting the product, hitting the edit button, selecting the category and hitting save (seriously, that's it).

Managing pages is just as easy as using Microsoft Word. If Microsoft Word is complicated, then ignore the previous sentence and just know that it will look exactly like what you typed in.


Ninja: reknown for secrecy, stealth, efficency, cunning and accomplishing the mission at any cost: Failure is not an option. How can there be any safer and more reliable place in all the world than surrounded by a clan of Web Ninja? Host with us and rest easy. Your website is safe.


Options, options, options...


Monthly hosting on secure servers.

10GB Webspace
100GB Bandwith
Unlimited Email Accounts.


Monthly hosting and backup of your website. Sleep easy knowing that no matter what happens, a Web Ninja, somewhere is watching over your site.

50GB Webspace
Unlimited Bandwith
Unlimited Email Accounts.

Pocket Ninja

Hosting, Monthly Backup and Unlimited Technical Support. Have a Web Ninja ready and waiting to remedy any issues that you may encounter. (Just don't feed it.)

Unlimited Webspace
Unlimited Bandwith
Unlimited Email Accounts.

Ninja Hypothetical:

The Website is built. The Content Management System is in place. Everything is live and public. Ninjariffic! Now how to stay visible? How do I ensure the business flourishes and grows? How do I keep up with changes? What if something breaks?!

Ninja Web Design offers more than just the building of a website. We offer complete maintenance. Thats right, Complete Maintenance. It's like peace of mind, without the meditation. Even if you're tech savvy, Web Ninja technical support lets you focus on what's really important... making money!

With dedicated monthly technical support, you are covered for any troubleshooting you may need. It's like having a Web Ninja on call. Actually, it is having a Web Ninja on call. It doesn't matter what breaks. Everything from how do I do X again, to spontaneous website combustion, your own personal Web Ninja is there for you.

Never worry about paying another developer time to learn the code for your site.

Just to make this Ninja Level Awesome, if you are already hosting through Ninja Web Design, you can get a discount on your technical support. (Also counts if you start hosting with us.)

Have questions about a site not built by Ninja? Of course you do.

Did a non-ninja developer ruin your fun? We can fix that. Contact us today and let us know what you need.


Sometimes you just don't need a Mecha-Web Ninja to deliver precise, automated, lightning quick merchandise 24/7. Sometimes you just need to be able to go and update information. Maybe you just want a blog, a photogallery, to show off your portfolio, a really simple, deeply informative or community website where you can control the content.

Whatever it is you need done, know that Ninja Web Design is here for you, and by here, we mean standing right behind you. Don't bother turning around, you won't see us... we're already gone.

Contact us and tell us what you need.